Thursday, August 28, 2014

Coming Soon: The “Transportation and Design” Issue

InTransition returns in September with a group of articles exploring visual design's impact on transportation. Here’s a peek at some of the stories that will appear in the issue:

Why Design Matters: New Jersey School of Architecture Director Darius Sollohub on what great infrastructure designs mean to users, the economy and future generations.

Creative Placemaking: Find out how cultural arts programs across the country are reinvigorating neighborhoods and are being integrated into transportation projects and services.

Smart Branding and Transit: Public transportation providers are working to make their services "cool" through creative marketing campaigns and by giving their vehicles vibrant makeovers.

Artistic Bike Racks: The rusty metallic bike racks of old are being replaced by works of art that reflect community culture and make the streetscapes livelier.

TOD Architecture: A look at some of the many shapes and sizes of transit-oriented development projects in New Jersey.

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