Monday, December 18, 2017

Preview: Fall 2017 Issue

We're getting ready to mail the next issue of InTransition magazine. Our latest edition will focus on pedestrian safety and walking.

Here's a look at some of the top stories:

Creating Complete Streets: The complete streets movement calls for streets to be designed—or redesigned—in order to accommodate a broad range of users and uses.

Planning for the People: The Legacy of Jacobs & Whyte
Planners and city officials need to take a careful look at how people actually travel in their communities and use public spaces. 

Factoring Freight into Complete Streets: Complete streets design changes — such as narrower roads and bike lanes—are often the exact opposite of what makes life easier for a truck driver. 

Breaking Down Barriers: Across North America, cities are employing different tactics including removing lanes of traffic, adding rest benches with shade and medians with greenery, installing raised crosswalks to slow traffic, working with businesses to build ramps and eliminating obstacles in sidewalks. 

Communities Capitalizing on Bicycling Book
: Many communities are striving to become bicycle-friendly—creating things like bike trails, signage, public education, maps showing where to take a bathroom break, and bike parking areas to attract the much-coveted cyclist with money to burn.

A Roundabout Way of Fixing Dangerous Roads: .” In North Jersey, modern roundabouts are replacing complex intersections in suburban areas, while downtowns are using a different approach—a narrowing of lanes called “road diets”—to make streets safer for all users.

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