Thursday, April 10, 2008

Snakes (Almost) on a Plane

The madness just ended for hoops diehards, but at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), it’s apparently a year-round deal.

While doing some research yesterday, I stumbled across a rare outward display of humor by a government agency. The TSA maintains a website it calls “Terminal Madness,” a board with links to news of the weird-style stories that have taken place in airports around the country.

Here you can read about the guy who tried to sneak a baby alligator on board in his sock (while he was wearing it!), someone who got nabbed with dead snakes and bird parts in their luggage and the strange places people attempt to hide contraband. There’s not much content there yet – it looks like they only started the board late last summer – but it could be entertaining if they keep it up.

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