Tuesday, December 18, 2007

And we're off ...

Welcome to InTransition's blog! We recently launched this supplement to our magazine as a way to offer readers another forum to learn about and discuss important issues in the transportation world. We hope you'll enjoy it.

As this blog takes shape, you can expect to see a variety of content here, such as:
  • Original columns, analysis and news written by InTransition staff members and associates
  • Additional information and follow-ups on stories you've read about in the magazine
  • Updates on upcoming issues
  • Relevant press releases and links to transportation-related stories in the news
  • And posts of other odds and ends of interest to our readers

Any educational and meaningful discussion is a two-way street (at least!), so we encourage you to post your thoughts on the pieces you read on this site. However, we do have a comment moderation feature in place to ensure that posts are written in a family friendly manner, as and to keep out our old friends, the Spammers.

Our hope is that this blog will become a useful hub for discussion among members of the transportation community as well as anyone else who might find these topics interesting. Please feel free to link to us and share any ideas you have to make us better serve you.

Have a fantastic holiday season!

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